HJ-Split 3.0

Splits the files into standard or custom sizes

Takes big files and splits them into small or equal size for easy deployment and transfer. Includes a shell registration to easily combine all the files. The size of the files is customizes based on the user input. It also compares the archives it creates.

Many a times, we require that a large file be split or broken into pieces. For example, a 1 GB file can be stored into two CDs by splitting into 700 MB and 300 MB. For uses in the internet also, we may need smaller files, because many file sharing sites like the rapidshare has a limit defined for the maximum file size (about 200 MB).

HJ-Split is a very small program that can be used to split / join files. It is a freeware. We can open a file and define the split file size. If a 1050 MB file with 100 MB split size is specified, ten 100 MB files and a 50 MB file will be created. The joining option can join these files into any output directory.

The compare feature can compare two files and look whether they are exactly equal.

A checksum is a code or a small alpha-numeric string that represents a data.
A known function can be performed on data (how large it may be), to get its checksum. But we can never take a checksum (and go in a reverse manner) to get the actual data. It is mainly used in checking the data integrity. For example, a data sent through internet is sent along with the checksum. So, after receiving the data, the same operation can be done to find the checksum, to compare with the first one. HJ-Split has the facility to generate a file checksum.

This is a very good program of its kind. But the checksum generation and file comparison are not fast.

Zack Martin
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Review summary


  • Fast splitting / joining
  • Can compare files
  • Can generate file checksum
  • Very small program
  • Freeware


  • Checksum calculation is not fast
  • Compare function is not fast
  • Can't define different file sizes for splitting a single file
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